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Best Belgian Waffle Maker Reviews came about from a challenge, or a dare might I say, from some of my college friends. We were meeting up for a 10 year reunion and having a few micro-brews and I was commenting about breakfast the past few days at the ski lodge. The Belgian waffles were amazing. It was one of those professional grade setups and you could make your own. I told my buddies that I needed to get one of those for my home. There response was well, chef, why don’t you just put up a review website so we can all get a Belgian waffle maker…

And that was the beginning of Best Belgian Waffle Maker Reviews. One of my college buddies, Dan, ┬áis a chiropractor in San Antonio, and he was one that gave me the most grief over it, so I’m dedicating a review to him!

Thanks for dropping by. I hope you enjoy my Best Belgian Waffle Maker Reviews!

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Sam Johnson